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USB Peripheral
Outdoor Wireless

‧5.8GHz (802.11ac)
‧2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n)
‧5.8GHz (802.11an)
‧Dual-Band (802.11a/b/g/n)
‧Outdoor AP Accessory
‧Outdoor USB

Indoor Wireless

‧802.11ac USB
‧802.11ac AP/Router
‧802.11b/g/n AP/Router
‧802.11b/g/n USB
‧802.11a/b/g/n AP/Router
‧802.11a/b/g/n USB

Embedded Module

‧Mini PCIe
‧USB module
‧Mini PCI
‧Booster Module
‧Development Kits

Accessory & Pigtail

‧DC Converter
‧Lightning Protector
‧Outdoor Enclosure
‧RF Connector
‧RJ45 Waterproof
‧USB Accessory
‧USB Holder
‧Development Kits

Antenna & RF Cable

‧4G LTE Antenna
‧MIMO Outdoor Antenna
‧2.4/5GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧2.4/5GHz Indoor Antenna
‧2.4GHz Indoor Antenna
‧2.4GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧5.8GHz Indoor Antenna
‧5.8GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧4G Indoor Antenna
‧900MHz Outdoor Antenna
‧RF Cable
‧Antenna Mount


‧4G LTE USB Modem
‧3.5G Antenna
‧3.5G Router

PowerLine Ethernet


Power over Ethernet

‧PoE Cable
‧DDC section
‧PoE Switch
‧Passive PoE Injector
‧Passive PoE Multi Injector
‧PoE Injector (PSE)
‧PD Adapter
‧PD Module
‧PoE Set
‧Power Adapter

Wireless Booster

‧Pen Booster
‧PoE Booster
‧Indoor Booster
‧Outdoor Booster

IP Surveillance

‧Pan/Tilt IP Camera
‧CCD IP Camera 2.0 Megapixel IP Camera

Voice over IP

‧SIP Phone


‧Gigabit VLAN Switch

Phase Out

‧3.5G USB Modem
‧Outdoor Wireless
‧Indoor Wireless
‧Embedded Module
‧Accessory & Pigtail
‧Antenna & Cable
‧PowerLine Ethernet
‧Power over Ethernet
‧IP Surveillance
‧Voice over IP

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CCD 10X Zoom Pan & Tilt IP Camera

The AIPC933D is an indoor 10x PTZ dome internet camera offering the next generation video compression – H.264. It is the most effective surveillance solution for the bandwidth limited networks such as Internet transmission.

The AIPC933D features a 100X zooming (10x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom), auto focus and auto iris. High-speed motorized structure offers a wide pan range of 355 degrees and tilt range of 120 degrees to be controlled over TCP/IP networks. 180 degree per second pan speed and 140 degree per second tilt speed drive the camera move to the preset point faster than normal-speed P/T IP cameras. Plus the unparalleled surveillance functions including 128 presets, 16 camera tour configurations, and motion detection, the AIPC933D are able to satisfy the demanding surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

The AIPC933D features Multi-profile so it is able to generate H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG streaming to different users in the meantime. Up to 20 users can have access to the AIPC933D simultaneously at any point. Moreover, the resolution can be different from one user to another. This state-of-the-art design is considerable to fit in various network environments.

Supporting Store-to-NAS function, the AIPC933D can work alone and save the video file to a NAS directly, which helps to save the PC resource and keep monitoring the environment with benefits of motion detection at 24 / 7 and 2-Way audio surveillance. The administrator can speak to anyone at AIPC933D remote site with a speaker connected. With AIPC933D outdoor housing protection, the AIPC933D can also work properly in outdoor environments.

The AIPC933D provides a real professional security environment to protect your property and life. With the professional 64 channels management software, the AIPC933D can be the most cost efficient IP camera for multiplex occasions that could express video and audio from everywhere at anytime over the Internet.