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USB Peripheral
Outdoor Wireless

‧5.8GHz (802.11ac)
‧2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n)
‧5.8GHz (802.11an)
‧Dual-Band (802.11a/b/g/n)
‧Outdoor AP Accessory
‧Outdoor USB

Indoor Wireless

‧802.11ac USB
‧802.11ac AP/Router
‧802.11b/g/n AP/Router
‧802.11b/g/n USB
‧802.11a/b/g/n AP/Router
‧802.11a/b/g/n USB

Embedded Module

‧Mini PCIe
‧USB module
‧Mini PCI
‧Booster Module
‧Development Kits

Accessory & Pigtail

‧DC Converter
‧Lightning Protector
‧Outdoor Enclosure
‧RF Connector
‧RJ45 Waterproof
‧USB Accessory
‧USB Holder
‧Development Kits

Antenna & RF Cable

‧4G LTE Antenna
‧MIMO Outdoor Antenna
‧2.4/5GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧2.4/5GHz Indoor Antenna
‧2.4GHz Indoor Antenna
‧2.4GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧5.8GHz Indoor Antenna
‧5.8GHz Outdoor Antenna
‧4G Indoor Antenna
‧900MHz Outdoor Antenna
‧RF Cable
‧Antenna Mount


‧4G LTE USB Modem
‧3.5G Antenna
‧3.5G Router

PowerLine Ethernet


Power over Ethernet

‧PoE Cable
‧DDC section
‧PoE Switch
‧Passive PoE Injector
‧Passive PoE Multi Injector
‧PoE Injector (PSE)
‧PD Adapter
‧PD Module
‧PoE Set
‧Power Adapter

Wireless Booster

‧Pen Booster
‧PoE Booster
‧Indoor Booster
‧Outdoor Booster

IP Surveillance

‧Pan/Tilt IP Camera
‧CCD IP Camera 2.0 Megapixel IP Camera

Voice over IP

‧SIP Phone


‧Gigabit VLAN Switch

Phase Out

‧3.5G USB Modem
‧Outdoor Wireless
‧Indoor Wireless
‧Embedded Module
‧Accessory & Pigtail
‧Antenna & Cable
‧PowerLine Ethernet
‧Power over Ethernet
‧IP Surveillance
‧Voice over IP

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The P-8120-N5 is a carrier class 5GHz outdoor Wireless Access Point. It is ideal for enterprises, campus networks and off-site locations that require LAN or internet access without the availability of wired networks to extend the network coverage. 

P-8120-N5 series are the carrier class wireless radio. The P-8120-N5 operates in 5.8GHz band. As the most cost effective point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution, any deployment will enjoy a quick return of investment.

The P-8120-N5 is a complete, turn-key solution for unlicensed wireless networking and service delivery. The P-8120-N5 radios enable highly concentrated wireless networks, allowing the P-8120-N5 to cover large areas and provide intelligent broadband services for enterprise class users.

The state-of-art software supporting a variety of essential features such as routing, bridging, port filtering, QoS management, encryption, bandwidth management.

With data rates to 300Mbps and up to 500mw of RF power, the P-8120-N5 delivers more capacity up to 40km coverage area. Such capacity allows end-users to download large data files, high resolution images, video clips, and MP3 files within a matter of seconds.

P-8120-N5 offers Virtual AP support with multiple SSID and individual encryption and IP address/ DHCP.